Rise of Nations

Preparing for War

Pavel's paranoia gets the best of him.

Akiros and Iskra entered the serene park. The paladin glanced down at the note he had been given asking him to meet Pavel there. To his left, the Shrine of Abadar and ahead, through the trees, the mansion where Pavel and his bride-to-be would live. A few steps revealed Pavel leaning on a tree to his right, Rallo seated at his feet. Apparently bored, the halfling was carving an obscure symbol into the trunk of the tree with a short dagger.

“Any reason we couldn’t have spoken earlier in court?” the paladin queried.

“Sometimes my advice is seen as alarmist,” Pavel countered, “I’d rather not speak in an official capacity about my concerns until I have a few more answers.”

“Go on.” Akiros replied.

Pavel took a deep breath and Rallo looked up only long enough to shake his head, then returned to his carving. Iskra continued a silent, solemn stare.

“Many here have no experience dealing with Brevoy’s Royal Houses. I have,” Pavel said, nearly spitting the word ‘Royal’ on the ground, “A lack of preparation and caution cost my father his life and my family it’s holdings. I’ll not see it happen- not to Finnland.”

“We share your concern, Monk. Continue,” Iskra replied.

“When war begins, it may start like a crack in the dam- with a trickle of animosity, but once the dam breaks we may find many new enemies at our gates. Iskra- we’d like to know about the presence of these enemies BEFORE they hit our borders.”

She nodded her agreement. He turned to Akiros.

“I’d like a recommendation in front of the king about military preparations as soon as you can make it happen. I trust your judgement and I know the king does as well.”

The huntress nodded and smiled, “We’re ahead of you Pavel. These discussions have already begun.”

Pavel returned the smile and nodded. “As I knew you would be. Pharasma judge us all fairly- see you on the morrow.”

Akiros and Iskra turned and strode purposefully out of the park.

Finishing his carving, Rallo finally spoke.

“What next?”

“See what your spies know about this brewing brawl,” Pavel spoke, still watching the paladin and the Marshal walking away, “I don’t want an ambassador’s diplomatic drivel to be the only information that reaches our kings ears.”

“Yup, consider it done.” Rallo answered.



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