Rise of Nations

Some things are more important than fear

Mikmek grows a pair

As the unlikely group of sootscale and larger humanoids made their way back toward the shaman, Mikmek’s hands were visibly shaking as they gripped his spear. He swallowed hard and looked up at Pavel.

“Mikmek scared-” he whispered, “not got big courage, like Poggle.”

The monk ignored the mispronunciation. He pulled the tiny reptilian aside and squatted down next to him.

“Mikmek- I’m scared too,” Pavel confided, “but remember- courage is not the absence of fear, just the realization that something else is more important.”

Mikmek looked confused.

“We are scared,” the monk continued, “but our friends and family are more important- so we go anyway. That’s what being brave is all about.”

A toothy smile signalled that the Kobold understood.

“Mikmek be brave for tribe!” he said, tightening his grip on his spear. Baring his teeth, he growled and began stomping off down the hall with new confidence.

Pavel made a mental note to keep a watchful eye out for his new sidekick, hoping his pep talk wouldn’t prompt the kobold to foolishness, or worse- get him killed.



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