Aecora Silverfire

Leader of the Rashalzar Tribe


Female Centaur


Aecora is a war priestess of “Mother Moon,” the primal deity worshiped by the centaurs, and leader of the Nomen tribe that calls the Dunsward their home. A powerful and stately figure, she has led her people in battle for years against encroaching Rostlanders, and more recently against the settlers at Varnhold. Decades of conflict have taught her to mistrust outsiders and she has little love for the treacherous ‘two-leggers’ who have killed so many of her people and who seek to constantly usurp their lands. She is not irrationally xenophobic, however, and recognizes that not all humans are warbringers and oathbreakers… but convincing her otherwise will be a long and difficult affair. She has a special bond with Wicked Claws, a dragonne whose wings had been savaged by a bulette and whom she saved from certain death. The creature always keeps a close watch on Aecora despite its seemingly indolent pose and will not hesitate to leap to her defense if a threat arises.

Aecora Silverfire

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