You Gotta Be In It To Win It


Male Human


Aldric fancies himself a bit of a ladies’ man, even if his track record with the members of the fairer persuasion is spotty at best (though it’s certainly not for lack of trying). He was forced to decamp his homeland of Irrisen in a hurry after crossing one of the (in)famous White Witches by sleeping with her virgin daughter. Fleeing eastward, he offered his talents to a succession of rulers in vain until he fetched up in Finland. Though Aldric is an incorrigible lech and comes off as slightly sleazy, he is surprisingly likeable and good at chatting people up. His verve and can-do spirit does a lot to offset his occasional foible. Currently, he is doing a fine job of ingratiating himself with his new fellow countrymen and keeping his ear to the ground for juicy rumors.


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