Pavel's Mother


Female Elf


An ethereal and graceful woman, Clerisaana possesses an unusual serenity that has served her well throughout the years, enabling her to bear her tribulations with equanimity. Originally from Kyonin, she met Pavel’s father and journeyed with him back to Brevoy, where they spent a few happy years until he was killed by a xenophobic rival. Clerisaana relocated to the Gronzi forest with her young son Pavel and attempted to teach him peace, but with little success. Despite her best efforts, he grew up angry and bitter at the murder of his father and loss of his noble status. For her part, Clerisaana had always felt a bit of an outsider to human nobility and did not mourn its forfeiture overmuch. Rather, she poured her grief over her slain husband into providing a living for herself and her son. Her skill with plants and growing things of the earth served her well in this stead, and she grew to love the old-growth woods of the Gronzi, not so different from the magnificent forests of her homeland. On one of her herb gathering expeditions, she uncovered a most curious statue: that a young elven man frozen in an expression of fear and surprise. Suspecting it to be much more than simply a rather grotesque piece of art, she had the statue examined and subsequently de-petrified. And this was how she and Pavel came to make Johannes’ acquaintance. In getting to know each other, the two of them discovered they had shared similar tragedies: both had lost their place in life and someone they loved. So perhaps it was not entirely surprising that they found a certain solace in each others’ company (much to Pavel’s discomfort and dismay). Ultimately, however, Clerisaana realized that she and Johannes had different things they wanted out of life and ended the relationship a year after Johannes left for the Stolen Lands.


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