Literal Embodiment of a Lush Figure


Female Blodeuwedd


Clothed in verdant lichen and flowers of broom, meadowsweet, and yarrow, Elisheva appears as a shapely maiden with skin of velvety moss and living grass for hair. She and her younger sisters watch over the open plains and prairies, in a manner similar to their kin of the forests, the dryads. Blodeuwedds are rumored to guard the approaches to primeval, fey enclaves as well as various gateways and entry points into the First World— a task they take very seriously. Their presence transforms the fields they inhabit into sites of unearthly lushness and natural wonder. Elisheva seems suspicious of mortals and generally prefers not to reveal her presence unless necessary. She is particularly close-mouthed about matters regarding her kind, and refused to answer many of the party’s questions concerning members of the fey or their presence in the Greenbelt.


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