Glinklanus Narthropple

Explorer and Cartographer Extraordinaire!


Male gnome


Together with his long-suffering sister Wotywina, Glinklanus heads the Narthropple Expedition, a group of gnomes dedicated to surveying and mapping the Stolen Lands with a particular interest in sites of historical significance. The siblings have an estate somewhere in the River Kingdoms though Glinklanus only spends time there when forced to in the bitter winter months. Come spring, he is eager to be off once more, traipsing through all manner of wilderness and clambering through old ruins, brimming with a seemingly endless enthusiasm for the road. At the moment, he is searching for a lost dwarven outpost rumored to be located somewhere in the Narlmarches. Glinklanus has a reputation for being a meticulous and thorough map-maker and his carefully drawn maps are his pride, his joy, and his obsession.

wotywina.jpg Wotywina is far more practical than her quixotic brother and tends to the logistical and financial side of the enterprise. She also makes sure he remembers to eat and sleep whenever he gets overly excited about some new discovery. But like all gnomes, she is not without her eccentricities. Wotywina has a keen interest in insects of all sorts and maintains a large collection of preserved specimens in one of the expedition’s wagons, as well as extensive notes and drawings, all very neatly and precisely ordered.

The party helped the Narthropples save their ponies and a wagon after the expedition was attacked by a goblin war party. Discovering a fellow cartographer in Johannes, Glinklanus was excited to share some of the sites the expedition had uncovered in exchange for landmarks the party had uncovered. He also indicated he would be amenable to being hired for future surveys if the party was so inclined.

Glinklanus Narthropple

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