Hannelore Ornelos-Tevinter

Knows ALL the Cleaning Cantrips


Female Human


A shy and diffident wizard who accidentally wound in Finland due to a botched teleport (trying to get away from her feuding parents), Hannelore is content to stay out of everyone’s way and pursue her studies in solitude, especially given her many and varied neuroses. She is unable to tolerate the touch of others, and keeps her house scrupulously clean and ordered. She also has a number of strange and compulsive rituals she must enact to help her deal with everyday activities. Despite this affliction, Hannelore is a generally upbeat and cheerful person, and often willing to lend her magical expertise if needed. She is very good with formulas and a skilled crafter, both of which play to her affinity for structure and systems.

Hannelore Ornelos-Tevinter

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