Maegar Varn

Baron of Varnhold


Male Human


Maegar Varn is the founder and leader of the Varnling Host (an adventuring/mercenary company) and the third son of an Issian baron. His group received a charter to settle the Nomen Heights, east of the Kamelands, and was charged with subduing the Nomen centuars, as well as dealing with any indigenous threats in the area. A congenial and energetic man (and a bit cocky as well), he was a minor swordlord of some repute before he took up the mantle of rulership. He is well-traveled and has a keen interest in history and archaeology; no doubt, this is in part why the Lord Mayor sent him to the region, as much as for his contacts among the Iobarian barbarian tribes. Maegar is married, though his wife and daughter remained in Restov during the initial phase of colonization. They have since joined him in the newly christened capital of Varnhold. He appears keen to cultivate friendly relations with Finland and opening up trade between the two countries once roads can be built.
     He disappeared along with the rest of Varnhold in late Pharast of 4713, and became a victim of Vordakai’s fell machinations. The party later encountered and fought him as a cairn wight, raised by Vordakai as an incarnation of the Horseman of Death. They were able to defeat him and return his body to Varnhold for cremation after they freed all of the trapped Varnholders. That might have been the end of it, except that each party member had been granted a single wish as a result of defeating Yog-thoth’s champion when they closed the portal under Candlemere. Fin and Pavel graciously chose to use their wish to resurrect Maegar as he was, before the terrible events of that spring. It has been difficult for him to come to terms with the death of his friends and companions, especially since he has no memory of Vordakai at all, but he buries himself in rebuilding Varnhold so that it may flourish once again, in testament to their loss.

Maegar Varn

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