Malgorzata Niska

Priestess of Gyronna


Female Green Hag


Malgorzata the hag was posing as goodwife Niska, a trusted midwife in Pilgrim’s Shore. Slowly, over the course of a year, she recruited a small circle of bitter and spiteful women who felt as if they had been wronged or betrayed by their loved ones or the community. Carefully and cruelly, she cultivated their wounded hearts until it festered into a poisonous desire for seething vengeance. Her plan had been to strike at the most vulnerable members of Pilgrim’s Shore: infants and pregnant women, whose loss would be felt most keenly. Her underhanded scheme might have gone undiscovered for longer if not for the party’s questioning of Starling; though he had no idea who or what she was (or indeed that she even existed), he could “see” the influence she had on the townspeople and gave away the existence of the cult that way. Even after the party dispatched Malgorzata and ended her wicked days, her legacy continues to echo faintly in Pilgrim’s Shore. The reputation of the midwives (and the Church of Pharasma by extension) has been tarnished among the common folk, and no one knows exactly just how many lives she ruined, twisted, or murdered.

Malgorzata Niska

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