Maraet Varn

Baroness of Varnhold


Female Human


Maraet first met Meagar Varn in the cosmopolitan capital of Taldor, Oppara, back when Maegar was just starting out as an aspiring young swordlord. They were introduced to each other at a masquerade ball thrown by the Viscount Perrin Threnhold for some visiting Grand Duchess and were both immediately smitten with the other. Maegar courted her for a few years before his suit for her hand was accepted by her parents. Though Maraet was saddened to leave her friends and family behind in Oppara, she was looking forward to a new life with her husband in Brevoy, quaint as it was compared to Taldor. To ease her homesickness, Maegar started the tradition of celebrating Crystalhue during the winter solstice, a practice that carried over when Varnhold was founded. Maraet made friends of the Varnling Host with ease, and soon became as well-liked by its members as her husband; whenever the troop was in town, their house was filled with laughter and warmth. For Maraet, her family has always been her first priority, and she is a fierce and loyal advocate for those she considers kin.
     She was devastated by the death of her husband, but she tried very hard to stay strong for her daughter and her people. To deal with her grief, Maraet occupied her time with the endless tasks of reconstruction and rebuilding, determined to restore Varnhold to its former grandeur though her heart was empty and forlorn. So when her husband was returned to her via wishes, Maraet was overjoyed beyond words. The spark that had been missing from her eyes has returned, and she smiles easily once more.

Maraet Varn

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