Small of Stature But Stout of Heart


Female Halfling


Maris was a handmaiden to Lady Melisana Medvyed, Lymon’s wife. She became embroiled in the darker side of Lymon’s dealings when she refused to drop the matter of her friend Hester’s death, which she suspected was not an accident. In her snooping, she came across a secret staircase leading to the smugglers’ cave underneath the villa; she would have been discovered (and possibly slain) if not for Markard’s intervention. The pair came to form an unlikely alliance, each in it for their own reasons, both united in their desire to unearth evidence of Lymon’s villainy. Eventually, they came to believe that Lymon had allied himself with a cult of Norgorber, though they had no hard evidence of his involvement, just conjecture based on months of watching and a few clues scattered here and there. After a poisoning attempt on Markard, he took Maris with him and fled the estate with the idea of contacting the party with the information they had gathered.
     It pained Maris to leave her home behind, giving up her service to Lady Melisana, whom she had known practically her whole life but it had become obvious that it would be fatal to remain in Heldren. Reluctantly, she accompanied him to an uncertain land and future, one that Markard never got to see before he fell beneath an assassin’s arrows, protecting her to the last. With the death of yet another friend, Maris has become more determined than ever to expose Lymon’s wickedness, though she knows she cannot do it by herself. Thus, she has vowed to assist the party howsoever she can, from drawing maps of the manor house and grounds to recounting servant and guard schedules.


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