Riddles in the Dark


Female Stygira


Melabdara is a stone witch, one of those degenerate inheritors of the long-collapsed cyclops civilization; her ancestors may once have been human but centuries of communion with the darkness and a reliance upon alien powers have corrupted them into a terrifying, debased breed infused with a magic not their own. Like all stygiras, Melabdara lacks eyes or a nose; her brow stretches from her chapped, lipless mouth to her hairline in a single horrible expanse of scarred flesh. Unnaturally tall and lean, she moves with the predatory jerkiness of a hunting vulture. The party found her imprisoned in a secret chamber deep within Vordakai’s Needle and freed her from captivity. Driven mad by her long solitary confinement, she spoke largely in riddles and puzzles, but was nonetheless able to communicate her gratitude and provide them with a clue as to how to lay Kerezar to rest. While she was eager to get away from Vordakai and the spire, she did indicate that she would be amenable to contacting the party again in the future.


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