Noleski Surtova

King of the Dragonscale Throne


Male Human


King Noleski Surtova is the current monarch of Brevoy, although some of his subjects (particularly those in House Orlovsky) dispute his claim and instead still refer to him as “Lord Regent.” When the former King Urzen Rogarvia and all of his known relatives mysteriously vanished in 4699 AR, Noleski Surtova quickly seized control of the capital of New Stetven and proclaimed himself Lord Regent until such a time as the monarchy could be restored or other accommodations could be made. After five years with no sign of the Rogarvias, he declared himself King of Brevoy in their absence. This proclamation was met with resignation at best, and was outright ignored by several of the Great Houses. Still, because the newly crowned King Surtova held the capital and the largest military force in Brevoy, none were prepared to overtly move against him. The king remains a bachelor, with his younger sister Natalya acting as a sort of unofficial “Queen” until he chooses a bride.
     Noleski declared his intention to court Lady Elanna Lebeda in late 2711; a formal engagement was announced not too long after in the summer of 2712, much to the relief of his supporters. Those in House Surtova felt that an auspicious marriage such as this could only strengthen Noleski’s claim on the throne and immediately commenced preparations for a grand ceremony. Alas, both Noleski and his fiancĂ©e were murdered by unknown assailants on the eve of their wedding, plunging Brevoy into political chaos. The prospect of civil war, which had receded with Noleski’s betrothal, now seems all but inevitable.

Noleski Surtova

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