Still Malevolent After All These Years


Male Cyclops Lich


Although his name has long been lost to history, Vordakai was once a notorious tyrant and necromancer in ancient cyclops empire of Koloran. That realm did not survive the uprising and turmoil that followed Earthfall during the Age of Darkness but he did, and sought to rebuild his fractured power base. Yet the age of the cyclops was over, and the slave races banded together to defeat him, trapping him in a crypt of his own design, hidden away at the westernmost edge of Casmaron in a minor mountain range. The years wore on and Vordakai’s torpor changed into an ageless slumber. The region’s centaur tribes were tasked by their shamans with the sacred duty of guardianship over the Valley of the Dead— the legendary entrance to Vordakai’s tomb— but time and crippling wars stole lore and identity from them, until at last, they remembered only dimly a lurking darkness to be watchful of and forgot the true evil that slept deep in the mountains.
     It might have remained this way for another aeon except that some unknown entity sent a curious and greedy explorer on an ambitious excursion deep into the Tors of Levenies, past the ancient guards and screens that shielded Vordakai’s Needle from all prying eyes. There, he chiseled away the wards that held Vordakai prisoner and stole a jade bracelet before common sense finally re-asserted itself and he fled, vaguely aware that he had triggered something dire. Indeed, the cyclops lich awoke shortly thereafter and finding the world much changed during his millennia-long slumber, set about learning as much as he could of this unfamiliar domain. He tracked the stolen bracelet back to Varnhold, and unleashing ancient cyclops magic, Vordakai emptied the settlement in a single night of horror, intending to use its inhabitants as literal fountains of knowledge with which to slake his ignorance. Once his understanding of the new world order was complete, he intended to sweep out of the mountains with an undead army and establish a new empire. He would bring pain and despair to every living thing, and his altar to Charon, the Horseman of Death, would run with blood once more.
     Varnhold’s vanishing, however, had not gone unnoticed by the party, especially when they showed up for a wedding only to find the bride (along with everyone else) gone. Determined to uncover what happened to the missing villagers, the party was eventually able to gain an audience with Hash’mal the All-Seer, who gave them the means to pierce the veil shrouding Vordakai’s Needle, enabling them to enter the grim edifice and defeat its dreadful master once and for all. Fortunately for them, Vordakai had been much weakened from his long sleep, losing quite a bit of his spell ability and his connection to his phylactery; otherwise, they might have found themselves re-awakening as undead thralls to a new dark lord.


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