Stuff of Nightmares But Surprisingly Friendly


Female Phase Spider


Zzamas makes her home around the Ghost Stone, a strange stone monolith that glows with an soft, eerie radiance at night. According to her, the stone radiates a soothing aura that attracts other denizens from the Ethereal realm, a characteristic that she takes advantage of while hunting for prey. Unfortunately, it recently caught the attentions of a pack of xills and Zzamas was forced to flee from the sadistic creatures. She enlisted the party’s help to reclaim her home in exchange for a “fancy chest with stuff inside,” a deal to which the party readily agreed. She was as good as her word and has turned out to be a surprisingly amiable ally in the region, despite her hideous appearance and unsettling tendency to view humanoids as little more than tasty bags of blood and meat.


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