timeline.jpg Being a (somewhat) succinct chronicle of the PCs’ adventures in the Stolen Lands in the current campaign year, because the DM’s memory is crap and she might need this information someday. For an account of what has happened in prior years, please consult the archives.

Current Campaign Date: sometime in 4714 AR

4714: Abadius | Calistril | Pharast | Gozran | Desnus | Sarenith
Erastus | Arodus | Rova | Lamashan | Neth | Kuthona

1st-31st— The first month of the year is a flurry of activity as House Medvyed seeks to absorb all the shocking information the party has brought them. Their first order of business was to take Lymon into custody; in this, they were successful but he was assassinated (presumably by agents of Norgorber) long before he could be brought to trial. Pavel was de-stoned and Father Ezvanki of Restov was employed to restore his missing features. The party was granted two weeks to return to their kingdom at the end of Abadius and beginning of Calistril to attend to their kingdom duties before they were pulled back to Brevoy and the blossoming scandal rocking the nation.

1st-28th— News of House Surtova’s presumptive ties to the Church of Asmodeus spread like wildfire and Lord Poul of House Orlovsky declares intolerable that they, and specifically, Lady Regent Natalya, continue to sit upon the Dragonscale Throne. Civil war seems all but inevitable now, as the various noble families draw lines in the sand. In addition, the Church of Abadar and Pharasma each start inquisitions in an effort to root out priests of Asmodeus and Norgorber respectively within their own ranks. To add fuel to the fire, the more outspoken of the Swordlords start agitating openly for Rostlandi independence, further throwing Brevoy into more chaos.

1st-31st— The party is finally able to escape to the relative peace of their own kingdom by Pharast to prepare for the fallout of Brevoy’s impending bloodshed. On the bright side, Lord Gurev has at last been able to review the merits of Lymon’s duel with Pavel’s father so many years ago and declare it null and invalid. Much to Pavel’s satisfaction, his family’s estate and noble name has been restored to him.


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